Hewlett Jackson - Would not honor promotion

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I had my taxes done at Hewlett Jackson. All over their office there was a promotion for $50.00 less than last years tax return for new customers. I searched for the fine print and could find none.

At the end of my visit the girl said she was charging $450.00!!!! Wayyyyyy over last years charge with another company. I pointed out the promo and was told it didn't apply because she had to do so much more work...believe me the return was not a hard one at all!

The girl said she would talk to her supervisor about getting the price down and then just changed the price to $300. Never did she speak to a supervisor (I was sitting right there). This was still way over the $50.00 less than last years price.

I will never go there again!

Review about: Tax Preperation.



they probably charged you based on the refund you were to receive. the larger the refund, the larger their fee. by the way, do your own on turbotax online for free or for about $60 buy their dvd.

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